Jerry Pierce

BIOgraphy / CV

Jerry Pierce

12 years at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) in Contract Research for Commercial and Government in laser disc, color printing, ink jet printing, non-destructive testing.
12 years at Universal Studios – Successful standardization and launch of DVD, Digital Cinema, and work in High Definition product launch. Continuing work in standardization for EST (Electronic Sell Through) and copy protection.
14+ years Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF) – Chairman
8+ years as Technical Advisor for National Association of Theater Owners (NATO)

For 12 years I worked “inside” a studio helping get new technologies and business models to market. During that time I was very instrumental in successfully navigating and promoting DVD, HDMI/HDCP, and Digital Cinema. It is not easy to successfully bring an entertainment technology to market. It takes careful navigation of many industries and individual personalities to make a success.

My strength is in the approach to maximize the probability of success. Not all ideas will be successful. Better to know early the weaknesses and pitfalls of a product launch. It is better to plan a course of actions dealing with the rainmakers of Hollywood, Consumer Electronics, Consumers, and Computer Manufacturers.

That is what I bring to the party – out of the box thinking, ability to strategize a product approach, ability to guide design of a product for industry acceptance.

More of my time is enjoying the pastime of photography combined with backpacking and sculling. See my home site – – for documentation of those activities.